The following were the best selling books at the recent IBM InterConnect Conference.  The first three books were part of a book signing by the “sharks” from the TV show, Shark Tank.


The Will to Win  

Shark Tales
The Brand Within  
Big Data Revolution
Modern Web Dev IBM WebSphere
Cognitive Cmpt and Big Data
Mobile Strategy
PP for Managers  Supervisors
PP for Executive Presentations
PP for Dealing w Diff People
Value Proposition Design
Display of Power
Art of Talking to Anyone
Talk Like Ted
Driven to Distraction
Think Like a Freak
Visual Leaders
What If
Business Model You
IBM Datapower
Key Perf Indicators (KPI)
The Five Choices
The Organized Mind
Unlocking Potential
Back of a napkin
The Internet of Things
Ten Types of Innovation
The Art of Explanation
Analytics Across the Enterprise