Third time is a charm.  Fully updated third edition.



Developing Quality Technical Information: A Handbook for Writers and Editors, 3rd Edition by Michelle Carey, Moira McFadden Lanyi, Deirdre Longo, Eric Radzinski, Shannon Rouiller, Elizabeth Wilde has just published and is available in printed and ebook formats
About the Book

Today, technical communicators have an even greater responsibility to help their organizations create easy-to-use, leading-edge products. The era of simply “papering” a product with lengthy manuals is over: now, communicators need to create self-documenting interfaces and self-correcting messages, and help product teams craft offerings that always place the user front-and-center.
The newest edition of IBM’s classic Developing Quality Technical Information: A Handbook for Writers and Editors focuses squarely on these new realities. It introduces a new technical communications model that:
Involves technical communicators during the product design phase
Changes the way technical communicators think about their roles in developing technical content
Emphasizes user advocacy
Shows how to embrace emerging trends in product design
Helps writers think more and write less
Delivers the right content at the right time, in the most direct, clear, and minimal form possible


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