After a few conversations with an IBM Press book author, I always hang up the phone and think to myself – “Wow – he/she is smart as heck.”  I mean these folks really know their stuff!

Just check out some facts about one of the authors of our recent book, Patterns of Information Management.  Mandy Chessell,  Mandy is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor, Chief Architect, Innovator of the Year award winner and the list goes on.  One of the fist questions we ask ourselves in evaluting book proposals are:  Is it the right topic?  Are the authors the right people to write to it.  When it came to the book proposal by Mandy and her co-author, Harald Smith, the answer was a resounding YES and YES.

This book packs a punch of information and comes in at 700+ pages.


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  • You can view Chapter 1 online by clicking here.
  • Check out the Meet the Author Video to learn more about the book.