July 2012

In addition to managing the bookstore, we are thrilled to have the following authors signing books and meeting customers.  Mark Your Calendars.

Book Signings – Smarter Commerce 2012

Meet the Author

Wednesday, September 5, 10:00am – 11:00am at the Conference Bookstore

Switch by Dan Heath

Made to Stick by Dan Heath


Wednesday,   September 5, 6:30pm-7:30pm at the Solutions Center

Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

Thursday, September 6,  12:45pm- 1:15pm at the Conference Bookstore

Not for Free by Saul Berman


It seems like we were talking about publishing a book on Cloud for the longest time.  We really wanted  to get the right title, content and authors.  Given that IBM Press authors write on their own time (nights and weekends) publishing  a book doesn’t happen  overnight.  If you want something bad enough  – you just may get a windfall.  That’s how I feel about being able to publish TWO books on Cloud.  Stellar content by folks that are in the trenches and smart as heck.

Check em out.  When you buy directly from the publisher you can save 35% by using coupon code IBMCLOUD

Is Your Company Ready for Cloud: Choosing the Best Cloud Adoption Strategy for Your Business by Pamela K. Isom and Kerrie Holley contains over 350 pages of content and is available in hardcopy and ebook formats.
About the Book

Make the Right Cloud Adoption and Deployment Decisions for Your Business

This is the first complete guide to cloud decision making for senior executives in both technology and non-technology roles.Pamela K. Isom and IBM Fellow Kerrie Holley present practical business cases, vignettes, and techniques to help you understand when cloud investments make sense and when they don’t. You’ll find decision models that are anchored with practical experiences and lessons to guide your decision making, best practices for leveraging investments you’ve already made, and expert assistance with every aspect of the cloud transition.

Drawing on their extensive experience working with enterprise clients, Isom and Holley show how to integrate both business and technical considerations, set the right priorities, and successfully manage everything from security and performance to governance. Whatever your company’s size, industry, or challenges, this book will help you drive maximum business value from the cloud—on your terms and on your timeline.

Coverage includes

Assessing the business value of a cloud adoption strategy based on 10 specific expectations
Gaining more value by incorporating cloud into enterprise architecture
Implementing cloud when you don’t already have an enterprise architecture
Fully understanding the financial implications of cloud-based strategies and technologies
Incorporating cloud in environments that have already adopted Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Selecting components of your cloud portfolio, including elements of larger outsourced or managed solutions
Governing cloud as part of your overall organizational landscape
Systematically recognizing and mitigating cloud adoption risks, including security, cost, and performance
Planning the transition: retiring legacy applications, transforming business processes, and selecting partners
Anticipating and guiding the use of cloud business patterns, trends, and technologies

Free Sample Chapter – Click here to view Chapter 3:The Lifecycle of Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption Strategy

Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud by Alex Amies, Harm Sluiman, Qiang Guo Tong, Guo Ning Liu is availble in ebook format only.

A Complete, Practical Guide to Building and Hosting Cloud Services That Deliver Exceptional Business Value

In this unique title, key developers of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise share indispensable insights for developing and operating cloud-based solutions on any cloud platform. Drawing on their unsurpassed in-the-trenches experience, the authors help you develop the new mindset and skills needed to succeed in cloud environments, where development, business, and system operations are linked more tightly than ever.

Using examples based on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, the authors cover a wide variety of cloud “use cases,” while also introducing general principles for automating and optimizing IT infrastructure in any cloud environment.

They begin by presenting an authoritative, accessible review of cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud concepts. Next, they demonstrate how to use cloud tools, develop basic cloud applications, and utilize standards to establish interoperability between clouds. Finally, drawing on deep personal experience, they offer best-practice solutions for all facets of cloud hosting, including security, monitoring, performance, availability, and business support. Throughout, they emphasize real-world problem solving, offering numerous code examples and practical demonstrations of real-world tools and utilities.

Coverage includes

Understanding each cloud deployment model: private, community, public, and hybrid
Reviewing key cloud computing use cases, including those based on virtualization and collaboration
Developing for the cloud with the LAMP stack, Windows, J2EE, WebSphere, and other technologies
Building apps for the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise public infrastructure
Using the command line toolkit, Java, and REST APIs to manage IBM SmartCloud Enterprise resources
Exploring cloud computing standards and open source projects that promote interoperability among clouds
Building cloud applications to customize images, deliver network services, install/manage software, and provide remote desktops
Using IBM’s powerful self-service and delegated administration models and best-of-breed VM images
Leveraging open source projects for cloud service management and virtualization
Understanding cloud service security: trusted certificates, identity/access management, SSH, HTTPS, IPSec, application hardening, and much more
Monitoring and optimizing performance and availability through the entire system lifecycle
Managing, scaling, and automating cloud applications to meet business needs
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