The following is a list of the top twenty books sold.  Physics of the Future sold out as keynote, Michio Kaku wowed the crowd with him message and delivery.  IBM Press book, Disciplined Agile Delivery, by Scott Ambler and Mark Lines was hot off the press and came in number 2.  (Amazon is selling this book at 43% off retail – an amazing price!)  I have provided links to the 3 IBM Press books that made the top twenty.

Physics of the Future
Disciplined Agile Delivery
Practical Gude to Distrubted Scrum
Leading Lean Software
IBM Rational Team Concert
Business Model Generation
Agile Estimating
The Economics  Software Quality
Work Item Management
How Google Tests Software
Software Systems Req Engineering
Evaluating Software Architecture
Requirements by Collaboration
Implementing Lean Software Dev
Agile Testing
Agile Software Requirements
Requirements Engineering
How to Measure Anything