Talk about hot off the press!  Scott Ambler and Mark Lines have a new book publishing, Disciplined Agile Delivery. and they have worked their butts off to make sure we have it in time for Innovate.   Looks like it will go from the printer directly to the conference!   The following is a list of book signings at the conference –  mark your calendars.  Stop by the bookstore and get your books signed – the authors love chat about their book topics.

Leading Lean Software Mon 5:30-6:00 Mary Poppendieck
Work Item Management Tue 12:15-1:15 David Billagio
A Practical Guide to Distrubted Scrum Tue 12:15-1:15 Elizabeth Woodward
Physics of the Future Wed 12:15-1:15 Michio Kaku
Disciplined Agile Delivery Wed 12:45-1:15 Scott Ambler/Mark Lines