May 2012

I must admit, XPages wasn’t on my radar when Steve Stansel (co-manager of IBM Press Books) and I first spoke with Ed Brill (IBM Product Manager) about what direction we should be going with IBM Press and Lotus/Collaboration products.  We had published a few books on Lotus Notes/Domino and while they sold well – we never seemed to get the right excitement around the titles.  That all changed when at Lotusphere 2011 we released, Mastering XPages.  The reviews were great.  The feedback was  awesome. And there was great enthusiasm for the content.  The authors were a pleasure to work with and Steve and I quickly scrambled to see what else was needed in the marketplace.  Our publishing partner, Pearson, had terrific success with Portable Command Guides – mostly with CISCO Press.  That was one idea.  Another came from an author team that said, “We need to have content on the Extension Library”.  Then came a proposal on Getting Started with XPages.

We published the XPages Portable Command Guide a few months ago and produced a Meet the Authors Video for the book.  And now for the hat trick – XPages Extension Library. A Step-by-Step Guide to the Next Generation of XPages Components.g this month.

We created a Meet the Authors Video and have posted a free sample chapter from all three of our XPages books.

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I practically did a cart-wheel when the folks at Pearson said that our new IBM Press book on DAD was going to make it to the IBM Innovate Conference.  The authors, Scott Ambler and Mark Lines will be signing the book at the conference bookstore.  If you’re going to be there – be sure to stop by and have a chat and get your book signed.  They will be siging on Wednesday from 12:45-1:15.

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Disciplined Agile Delivery: A Practitioner’s Guide to Agile Software Delivery in the Enterprise

Disciplined Agile Delivery addresses agile practices across the entire lifecycle, from requirements, architecture, and development to delivery and governance. The authors show how these best-practice techniques fit together in an end-to-end process for successfully delivering large, complex systems–from project initiation through delivery.

Coverage includes

  • Scaling agile for mission-critical enterprise endeavors
  • Avoiding mistakes that drive poorly run agile projects to chaos
  • Effectively initiating an agile project
  • Transitioning as an individual to agile
  • Incrementally building consumable solutions
  • Deploying agile solutions into complex production environments
  • Leveraging DevOps, architecture, and other enterprise disciplines
  • Adapting your governance strategy for agile projects

Based on facts, research, and extensive experience, this book will be an indispensable resource for every enterprise software leader and practitioner–whether they’re seeking to optimize their existing agile/Scrum process or improve the agility of an iterative process.

ImageWith all the intetest in our three publihsed books on DITA, Quality and Style, the editor at our publishing partner, Pearson decided to create an ebook bundle so that all three books could be combined together.

Three outstanding IBM Press eBooks help you create powerfully effective, usable, and higher-value technical communications…in all media, for all audiences, everywhere! The IBM Style Guide: Conventions for Writers and Editors distills IBM’s best wisdom for developing higher-quality content across all media, authors, delivery mechanisms, and geographic locations. In DITA Best Practices: A Roadmap for Writing, Editing, and Architecting in DITA, three pioneering implementers show how to use DITA to maximize the value of technical documentation and offer a complete roadmap for successful DITA adoption, implementation, and usage. Finally, Developing Quality Technical Information: A Handbook for Writers and Editors, Second Edition, presents before-and-after examples, illustrations, and checklists in this systematic, well-proven approach to creating great documentation.

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Two members of IBM Research have joined together to compile and edit a 600+ page book.  Daniel Bikel and Imed Zitouni are co-editors of Multilingual Natural Language Processing Applications: From Theory to Practice

This book contains important new contributions from leading researchers at IBM, Google, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, BBN, CMU, University of Edinburgh, University of Washington, University of North Texas, and others.

Coverage includes:

Core NLP problems, and today’s best algorithms for attacking them

  • Processing the diverse morphologies present in the world’s languages
  • Uncovering syntactical structure, parsing semantics, using semantic role labeling, and scoring grammaticality
  • Recognizing inferences, subjectivity, and opinion polarity
  • Managing key algorithmic and design tradeoffs in real-world applications
  • Extracting information via mention detection, coreference resolution, and events
  • Building large-scale systems for machine translation, information retrieval, and summarization
  • Answering complex questions through distillation and other advanced techniques
  • Creating dialog systems that leverage advances in speech recognition, synthesis, and dialog management
  • Constructing common infrastructure for multiple multilingual text processing applications

This book will be invaluable for all engineers, software developers, researchers, and graduate students who want to process large quantities of text in multiple languages, in any environment: government, corporate, or academic.

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Here’s the list of top selling books from IMPACT.  Walter Isaacson (author of bio’s on Jobs, Einstein, and Franklin)  and Jane Mcgonical (Reality is Broken) were keynote speakers/book signers and their books sold out.  I have included the books ISBN number and linked the IBM Press books.

9780143120612 Reality is Broken
9781451648539 Steve Jobs
9780743264747 Einstein
9780132884389 Decision Management Systems
9780743258074 Benjamin Franklin
9780929652184 Business Innovation in the Cloud
9783642190407 Agile Business Rule development
9780470876411 Business Model Generation
9781849683982 IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide
9780132618311 Get Bold
9780137148196 IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance Handbook
9780137018918 Dynamic SOA and BPM
9781576754221 Eat That Frog
9780596522698  97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know
9780137147465 SOA Governance
9781118156315 Business Model You
9781401309701 Power of Less
9780071379441 Dealing with People You Cant Stand
9781885167668 Jeffrey Gitomers Little Black Book
9781601630148 Time Management in an Instant

Talk about hot off the press!  Scott Ambler and Mark Lines have a new book publishing, Disciplined Agile Delivery. and they have worked their butts off to make sure we have it in time for Innovate.   Looks like it will go from the printer directly to the conference!   The following is a list of book signings at the conference –  mark your calendars.  Stop by the bookstore and get your books signed – the authors love chat about their book topics.

Leading Lean Software Mon 5:30-6:00 Mary Poppendieck
Work Item Management Tue 12:15-1:15 David Billagio
A Practical Guide to Distrubted Scrum Tue 12:15-1:15 Elizabeth Woodward
Physics of the Future Wed 12:15-1:15 Michio Kaku
Disciplined Agile Delivery Wed 12:45-1:15 Scott Ambler/Mark Lines