When we published Mastering XPages a year ago – we knew right away we had a best seller.  We sold out at Lotusphere 2011 and hit the ground running.  The reviews were stellar and so was the author team.  Fast forward 13 months later and we have three more XPages books on the horizon.  Two I can discuss – and the last we need to finalize some paperwork.  What I can say is that it geared at newbies!

Many of the authors from Mastering XPages (Martin Donnelly, Tony McGuckin)  have authored our upcoming XPages Portable Command Guide.  Our publisher partner, has been telling us about how great Command Guides are and this is our fist one at IBM Press.  Very excited to see if customers pick up this book!

In a few months we will have XPages Extension Library led by Paul Hannan.  This should be 600 pages of greatness.

Normally I would give you a 35% off discount coupon – but Amazon is really offering amazing discounting on the Command Guide.  I cannot compete with their 40% + discounting.

If you want the PDF version – you can always pick that up at www.ibmpressbooks.com.


Enjpy the content.  If you have ideas on what’s missing from the portfilio of books – send me a message or ping me on Twitter.  twitter.com/elliceuffer