I just finished writing up a sales report for the bookstore at Lotusphere.  Overall sales were a little down this year.  I think it’s because the bookstore was in the back of the Solutions Center.  Who is in favor of having the bookstore by the registration area?  Let me know and I will  see if we can get it moved.

Some highlights:

  • Get Bold by IBM’s Sandy Carter sold like hotcakes.  Everyone is who isn’t focused on building a social business should be.
  • We began taking orders for the upcoming new XPages Portable Command Guide.  It’s out in a month.
  • New Sametime Admin book sold out.  Great author team!
  • Folks enjoyed meeting Sir Tim Berners-Lee – author of Weaving the Web

‘Here’s the list – with links!!!  (you’re welcome!)

9780132618311  Get Bold  
9780132486316  Mastering Xpages 
9780062515872  Weaving the Web  
9781849683043  IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5.2 Admin  
9780132943055  Xpages Port Command Gd (PRE-ORDERS) 
9780137018901  The Social Factor 
9780071463324  The New Manager’s Handbook 
9781849680202  IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 Users Gd  
9780321804112  Grouped 
9780470876411  Business Model Generation 
9781605097022  The New Social Learning  
9781849682404  IBM Lotus Domino 
9780132711678  Social Networking for business 
9781576754221  Eat That Frog! 
9781449397227  Jquery Pocket 
9780132214483  Lotus Notes Developer’s Toolbox Tips 
9780137153312  Survival Gd for Lotus Notes 
9781615640102  ipad Development 
9780596805784  Building iphone apps 
9780596009205  Head First Java