A second edition of a book can be an incredible amount of work.  Our recently published IBM Press book,  An Introduction to IMS, Second Edition, is no exception.  In fact it took a village of authors –  Barbara Klein, Richard Alan Long, Kenneth Ray Blackman, Diane Lynne Goff, Stephen Paul Nathan, Moira McFadden Lanyi, Margaret M. Wilson, John Butterweck, Sandra L. Sherrill – to update the book.  At over 550 pages – it’s a big effort, packed with great content.

Given the move to ebooks – this book was going to be pure “e” all the way.  So if you want it on your e-reader or PDF form – you are all set.  The publisher has decided to also deliver this book in hardcopy – but that’s a few months away.

Version 12?  Version 11?  Version 10?  it’s all there for you.

More than a complete tutorial, this book provides up-to-date examples, cases, problems, solutions, and a complete glossary of IMS terminology. Prerequisite reading for the current IBM IMS Mastery Certificate Program, it reflects major recent enhancements such as dynamic information generation; new access, interoperability and development tools; improved SOA support, and much more. Whether you’re a DBA, database developer, or system programmer, it brings together all the knowledge you’ll need to succeed with IMS in today’s mission-critical environments

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