Sandy Carter Get Bold


The hottest pre-order book on the IBM Press Book website is Sandy Carter’s Get BOLD.  At IBM, I think of this VP as Social Media Sandy.  She has been entrenched in Social Media/Social Business since the start of the evolution.  Or is a marketing evolution?   She was writing about it before I knew what it was.  Her teams were using the tools in their infancy and I found myself learning and doing by following their lead.  Oh  – they are using YouTube.  They send messages from Twitter.  They have a Facebook page.  I was able to transform IBM Press Book marketing by watching.  But enough about me.  Sandy has the coolest title at IBM – Vice President of Social Business Evangelism.  Her newest book, Get Bold: Using Medial To Create a New Type of Social Business  is publishing in a few weeks and Amazon has it as 35% off.

There’s a whole page about the book here and  you can get chapter for FREE.  p.s. There are case studies galore – which is always my favorite part!