It was nearly a year ago when IBM Press Books was contacted by corporate marketing for expertise on book publishing.  Three great journalists were working on a book looking at 100 years of IBM.  We started with in persons meetings in NY including an emergency meeting in NYC to make sure all the ducks were in a row.  It seemed like every step along the way required 8 hours of conference calls – how many languages to translate, which languages, how many pictures, how much text, pricing, print runs, what images for the cover – and who will the publisher be?  “Who will the publisher be”?  For seven years I have worked as a program manager of IBM Press books – and here was a golden opportunity to publish a golden book that just so happens (by NO SMALL FEAT) to be publishing on the IBM 100 Anniversary on June 16th.  I  can’t re-live the conversation for fear of my head exploding – let’s just say – the powers that be  made the right decision and the book is part of the IBM Press portfolio. 

It was a crappy winter day when I read the first section by Kevin Maney.  Kevin was previously the tech editor at USA Today.  I have said his name over 500 times.  In a previous career, I was heavily involved in corporate PR – and on nearly every weekly call with the PR firm – my mantra was – “We  need Kevin Maney to do a story on this company”.  It didn’t happen – but I shut up once we got the Wall Street Journal story.  (I bought 30 copies before I realized that they spelled our CEO’s name wrong).  As Oprah constantly reminds people – when you dream big – you find that things happen even bigger than you can dream them – and the WSJ story was proof of that.  Anyway – Kevin’s section of the book sucked me in and I sat at my laptop reading the whole thing in one sitting. I loved it and found the it fascinating.  (geeky – for sure – but fun)

The bottom line is that the book is a great read.  It’s inspiring and interesting.  If you are an IBMer – there is no doubt you will feel amazed and proud of the accomplishments of the company.  It makes you want to dream big like Thomas Watson did – and then have the universe reward you with something bigger than you could have dreamed of.

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Making the World Work Better: The Ideas That Shaped a Century and a Company

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