Its been awhile since we published from the Rational folks at IBM.  So I am glad to see that our next book off the press covers ClearQuest.  I wish it was going to make it to IBM Innovate.  It makes me mental when we miss having a new book at the bookstore.  (ggggrrrrrrrr) The book will be available for ordering at the conference bookstore and attendees will get it approximately two weeks after the conference ends.

As always – I’ve got a great offer on the book – allowing buyers to get 35% off and free shipping in the US by using code:  IBM1798.  Get it here.

Here’s more about book:

Coverage includes

  • Understanding work items and their elements
  • Using work items for changes, tasks, activities, test plans, test cases, risks, builds, and promotion
  • Implementing best practices for work item application planning, analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance
  • Describing workflows, including advanced dynamic workflows
  • Incorporating roles in work items and using them to meet business needs
  • Using ClearQuest packages and custom integrations, and making the most of Jazz platform integration technology
  • Getting the most of out the CQ-ALM schema
  • Implementing effective quality and performance metrics, SLAs, and governance
  • Improving test management with IBM Rational Quality Manager work items
  • Creating effective workflows for Scrum and other Agile projects