Seems like just yesterday I was schooled on what  ITIL is.  I remember looking at the IBM Press book proposal and thinking, “Now there’s an acronym I have never seen.”  The editor at Pearson was very excited to publish a book in this space so we went for it and published, Larry Klosterboer’s Implementing ITIL Configuration Management.  Fast forward to 2008 and we published Larry’s second book, Implementing ITIL Change and Release Management. Larry has won high praise for these books, so we thrilled when his third proposal hit our inbox.

So hot off is the press is the hat trick – ITIL Capacity Management.  If you order from the publisher site you can save 35% off and free US shipping with coupon code: IBM5929.  (just click book title above).

Coverage includes
Making the business case for capacity management
Establishing specific goals for capacity management
Mastering ITIL capacity management terminology
Predicting capacity in dynamic, fast-changing organizations
Implementing systems that help you anticipate trends
Defining capacity plans, staffing capacity management teams, and implementing

ongoing processes
Linking capacity with performance management and with other ITIL processes
Selecting the right capacity management tools for your environment
Integrating capacity issues into your IT project management discipline
Using “business capacity planning” to help the entire business become more agile