I had a funny feeling about Mastering XPages.  I’ve been a program manager at IBM Press books for almost seven years – and I have high hopes for all our publications.  Sometimes, it’s easy to publish a book like Mike Moran’s Search Engine Marketing Inc. and watch it fly off the shelves and some require a heavy lift and alot of finger crossing.  Our editor at Pearson kept telling me how great the author team (Martin Donnelly, Mark Wallace, Tony McGuckin) was on the XPages book.  And to back it up – everytime I asked them for something – I got an immediate response.

Bookstores at events are hard.  It takes me weeks to find the 200 titles that I think the attendees will want.  You have to also figure – they may want them – but are they willing to pay for them.  Over the years we have produced 4 Lotus titles and they have done well in the marketplace.  Nothing earth shattering.  Its not the author’s fault – we haven’t always been superb about getting the title out to coincide with the latest version of the product.  (ie Lotus Connections 2.5).

Based on all of our historical data at selling books at Lotusphere – the past sales pointed to a maximum of 80 books being available.  That is the highest amount I have ever ordered.  (unless it’s a well-known doing a keynote and signing books).

For XPages – I nearly tripled that mount.  I spoke to the bookstore folks on Sunday and they said they had already sold 30 copies.  (unheard of on a sunday).  By Monday morning – close to another 100 had walked away and wala on Monday we were sold out and the bookstore was taking orders to ship to people’s office.

At the same time – I am watching Twitter and Amazon.  Lots of talk about the book and lots of pre-orders.  It kept cracking the Top 100 Programming books around the international Amazon sites.  Now that’s XPages  loyalty!  At one point the book was the #3 best-selling book in programming on Amazon Germany and #337 for all English books.  It’s been fun!  As I keep telling the publisher – these Lotus folks “bleed yellow”.

We’re always looking for the right authors at the right time for the right book.  If you want to talk – please let me know and we will see if we can add another rock star.

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