June 2010

Are you interested in reveiwing a book on your blog.  Looking for experts who would be interested in the following new book:

Audience, Relevance, and Search: Targeting Web Audiences with Relevant Content

For more info on the book and author team – visit their blog – http://www.writingfordigital.com

Contact me for information on revieiwing – include blog/twitter URL.


Just in time for Scrum summer reading.  A Pracitcal Guide to Distributed Scrum will hit the presses in a few weeks and make it’s debut before the 4th of July.  (Fireworks please). 

A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum is a book developed through the collaboration of the IBM Scrum Community. The IBM Scrum Community consists of 1084 members across IBM’s seven business units, all IBM Software Group brands (Rational, Information Management, Lotus, Tivoli, and WebSphere) and 30 different countries. You can find more information about the indivdual authors here.

Here’s what you will learn in the book:

  • Estimate user stories and work with the Product Owner as a distributed team
  • Implement techniques to more efficiently engage in Release and Sprint planning
  • Effectively conduct daily Scrum meetings
  • Enhance communications between team members throughout the Sprint
  • Conduct a productive reflection to improve productivity and quality over the next Sprint
  • Demonstrate progress to stakeholders at the end of each Sprint
  • Leverage tools to improve the productivity of distributed teams

You can pre-order with Amazon or go directly to our site and save 35% and free shipping with the following coupon code: IBM1138