March 2010

art of information architecture

Spring has sprung and another IBM Press book is about to be born.  I’ve been following the Information Architecture discussions on Twitter and boy are people clamoring for definitive help in this area.  The book takes a fresh look at new developments including cloud computing.  Here’s what it covers:

Highlighting the importance of Dynamic Warehousing

Defining your Enterprise Information Architecture from conceptual, logical, component, and operational views

Using information architecture principles to integrate and rationalize your IT investments, from Cloud Computing to Information Service Lifecycle Management

Applying enterprise Master Data Management (MDM) to bolster business functions, ranging from compliance and risk management to marketing and product management

  • Implementing more effective business intelligence and business performance optimization, governance, and security systems and processes
  • Understanding “Information as a Service” and “Info 2.0,” the information delivery side of Web 2.0

Interested?  Amazon will have it available in a couple of weeks – in the meantime you can pre-order it here.


We are breathing new life into our Fan Page on Facebook.  Our publisher is offering a 35% off coupon code as part of our “fan appreciation” month on Facebook.  That’s a gread discount.  Looking forward to hearing from readers and authors.

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I’m getting really excited about our upcoming book, Audience, Relevance and Seach – Targeting Web Audiences with Relevant Content by James Mathewson, Frank Donatone, and Cynthia Fishel.

It’s a great author team – really smart and with tons of experience on

And they’re social – with some good posts on their new blog

Keep up with them on the following:

Blog – Writing for Digital