I have been following the reviews on The Social Factor – Innovate, Ignite, and Win through Mass Collaboration and Social Networking by IBM’s Maria Azua.

It’s been great to see that ComputerWorld named the book a must read on Social Media Topics and love hearing comments like the following on Amazon.

“She provides relevant data from case studies, pointers on what not to do based on her extensive experience, and powerful insights on how to leverage the various tools and technologies to the maximum in today’s business environment.”

“This book has not only filled the gaps of my Social Networking knowledge, but also has and will be a resource for deciding which technologies are right for our business.”

“If you have not yet read Maria Azua’s book, The Social Factor, it is the must read book for any self-driven, aspiring and established professional; it will enhance your abilities, confidence, and above all transform you into a social agent for change in our globalized economy!”

Want to hear from Maria herself?  Check out her video on The Social Factor.