October 2009

rational functional


It’s been awhile since IBM Press Books published a Rational book.  This one is whopping – coming in at almost 700 pages. You can pre-order now and it will ship at the end of Ocotber, 2009.

Software Test Engineering with IBM Rational Functional Tester: The Definitive Resource


Here’s what the book covers:

Chapter 1:  Introduction to Rational Functional Tester
2. Chapter 2:  General Script Enhancements
3. Chapter 3:  XML
4. Chapter 4:  Managing Script Data
5. Chapter 5:  Debugging Scripts
6. Chapter 6: Managing Script Execution
7. Chapter 7:  Handline Unsupprted Domain Objects
8. Chapter 8:  Advanced Object Map Topics
9. Chapter 9:  Open Source Solutions
10. Chapter 10:  Domain-Specific Topics
11. Chapter 11:  RFT and Source Control with ClearCase 
12. Chapter 12:  Advanced TestObjects
13. Chapter 13:  RFT Proxy SDK
14. Chapter 14:  Issues Specific to Developing Scripts in VB.net
15. Chapter 15:  Using RFT on Linux
16. Chapter 16:  Internationization
17. Chapter 17:  Messaging Systems:  WebSphere MQ

TEST away!




Chris Anderson’s book, Free – The Future of a Radical Price,  is all about the price point of “free”.  Chris is a great guy and in honor of listening to him yesterday on CBS’s Sunday Morning show, I am giving you a link to free chapters from IBM Press books.

Free chapters from the following books are available along with the ability to purchase the entire book at 35% off.

  • The Social Factor
  • Web 2.0 and Social Networking for the Enterprise
  • Multisite ecommerce
  • Search Engine Marketing Inc.
  • The New Language of Marketing 2.0
  • Do it Wrong Quickly

WebSphere Application Server Administration Using Jython


Coverage includes

  • Mastering the Jython rules, characteristics, and properties that are most valuable in WebSphere scripting
  • Viewing and manipulating WebSphere configuration and run-time details
  • Making the most of the wsadmin scripting engine and objects–including rarely-used wsadmin parameters that can simplify administration
  • Adjusting wsadmin properties to reflect your needs and environment
  • Using the AdminApp scripting object to list, view, install, uninstall, and modify AppServer applications
  • Using the AdminTask object to manipulate WebSphere Application Server at a high level
  • Configuring the WebSphere Application Server with AdminConfig
  • Manipulating active AppServer objects (MBeans) with AdminControl
  • Controlling security, including aliases, roles, administrative and application security, and multiple security domains





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Web 2.0 and Social Networking

Joey Bernal does it again!  Joey is an IBM Press author, and is about to have his third IBM Press Book published.  While there a lot of Social Networking books in the marketplace – Joey’s book shows you how to implement inside the firewall.  Lotus Connections and WebSphere Portal users will really appreciate the content!


This book provides hands-on, start-to-finish guidance for business and IT decision-makers who want to drive value from Web 2.0 and social networking technologies. IBM expert Joey Bernal systematically identifies business functions and innovations these technologies can enhance and presents best-practice patterns for using them in both internal- and external-facing applications. Drawing on the immense experience of IBM and its customers, Bernal addresses both the business and technical issues enterprises must manage to succeed. He offers insights and case studies covering multiple technologies, including AJAX, REST, Atom/RSS, enterprise taxonomies, tagging, folksonomies, portals, mashups, blogs, wikis, and more. He also presents practical guidance for building robust, secure, collaborative applications by using applications and services from multiple sources with powerful tools such as WebSphere Portal, Lotus Connections, and IBM Mashup Center.

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