September 2009


Innovation Passport: The IBM First-of-a-Kind (FOAK) Journey From Research to Reality  just came off the presses.  This book, written by Mary Jo Frederich and Peter Andews contains over 250 pages of content…

 How can you promote innovation that delivers real, profitable business value–again and again, year after year? For 14 years, IBM’s FOAK program has done just that. In Innovation Passport, FOAK’s leaders share the powerful lessons they’ve learned. Through actual project examples, you’ll discover how to craft more effective processes for making innovation happen…encourage collaboration…manage innovation portfolios…protect intellectual property…and systematically improve the chances of marketplace adoption. Whatever your role in innovation, this book will help you do it better, faster, and more profitably.


Chapter 1: A Program That Works    

Chapter 2: The FOAK Process: Phase I    

Chapter 3: How Ideas Take Shape    

Chapter 4: Getting the Most out of Partnerships     

Chapter 5: Choosing the Best Projects    

Chapter 6: The FOAK Process: Phases II and III     

Chapter 7: Clarifying Project Plans        

Chapter 8: Ensuring the Work Gets Done    

Chapter 9: Telling the Story: IBM’s Industry Solutions Labs    

Chapter 10: Portfolio Management    

Chapter 11: Contracts and Intellectual Property    

Chapter 12: A Guide for Creating Innovative Programs    

Chapter 13: The Future of Collaborative Innovation


 The Business of IT: How to Improve Service and Lower Costs

We certainly are pumping out  a lot  of IBM Press books.  It’s really keeping me on my toes.  The topics we have published on this year just seem so darn important – Lotus Notes Admin, Greening of IT, Social Networking, Career Development, Hiring in Asia, Multisite Commerce, DB2 pureXML, SOA and BPM…all really good stuff for our customers.  So it’s exciting to cap off this wave of publishing with a book that looks at the money.  You can’t escape the recession.  Whether it’s your own personal wallet or the bottom line at your company – the pinch is on.  For decision-makers- this new book will be a great way to tackle the $$ side of the equation.

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Here’s what you will find in The Business of IT – How to Improve Service and Lower Costs:

Chapter 1: Introduction: Improving Service and Lowering Costs    

Chapter 2: IT Service Lifecycle: Improving Business Performance 

Chapter 3: Adopting IT Service Management Using ITIL    

Chapter 4: IT Financial Management: The Business of IT    

Chapter 5: IT Business Cases: Realizing IT Value    

Chapter 6: IT Performance Management: Defining Success

Chapter 7: IT Business Skills: Enabling Customer Outcomes 

Chapter 8: Success Stories: Improving Service and Lowering Costs

Chapter 9: Going Forward