I think the title of this book says it all.  If hiring and retaining top talent is Asia is your mission, then Christina has written the survival guide you need.  I love books with case studies.  Love to be able to see what is actually working at companies, versus reading about how it should work in theory.

Here’s more about Surviving the War for Talent in Asia – How Innovation Can Help

  • Specific solutions for recruiting and retaining great people in North Asia, South Asia, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Seven new case studies, plus in-depth insight into IBM’s experience
  • For every CxO, director, manager, HR leader, strategist, or consultant working with or for companies in Asia

Right now, even as Western economies struggle, Asia is experiencing an unprecedented war for talent. Organizations are competing ever more aggressively to find the right people, motivate them, and retain their highest performers. There’s only one route to success in today’s Asian talent wars: innovation. In this book, one of IBM’s top Asia Pacific managers identifies powerful talent management innovations that are working in Asia right now for dozens of the region’s most forward-looking enterprises.