It’s been pretty busy here at IBM Press Books.  July, August and September have turned out to be very busy with a ton of books going on or coming off the press.  Understanding IBM SOA Foundation Suite just published and is filled with 26 tutorials.  Here’s what is covers:

Coverage includes


  • Designing services with UML, sharing designs via HTML files, and transforming designs to and from Java with IBM Rational Software Architect
  • Creating services with IBM Rational Application Developer, and deploying them with IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • Implementing effective service governance with IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
  • Integrating existing services into new business processes with IBM WebSphere
  • Integration Developer and IBM WebSphere Process Server
  • Connecting services with IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • Developing, testing, deploying, and managing portlets with IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory and IBM WebSphere Portal
  • Systematically securing services with IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager


Amazon has it at 20% off.