August 2009



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Multisite Commerce: Proven Principles for Overcoming the Business, Organizational, and Technical Challenges

Coverage includes:

-Identifying scenarios in which multiple sites are necessary
-Systematically reducing the cost and complexity of establishing multiple e-commerce sites
-Organizing the business to effectively administer multiple sites
-Constructing a shared platform that makes it possible to build and deploy new sites faster than ever before
-Giving sites their own personalities even though they are being built on shared infrastructure
-Identifying the traps and landmines your project might encounter and maximizing the chances of success
-Managing project scope, organizational politics, and shifting executive priorities
-Choosing the best technical architecture pattern for your multisite scenario

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Much has been written about Social Networking.  The missing piece is how companies deploy social networking INSIDE the company.  Until now.  Maria Azua tackles the power of collaboration inside the firewall.  Here’s what you will find:


The Social Factor: Innovate, Ignite, and Win through Mass Collaboration and Social Networking

  • A treasure trove of strategic and tactical insights for the business leader
  • Provides relevant experience from a host of powerful case studies and compelling business scenarios
  • Secrets for avoiding costly mistakes that can cripple a social networking initiative

Millions of people use social networking sites, and companies are increasingly turning to social networking to build relationships with customers. But companies routinely miss the best opportunities to create value and promote innovation–by using social networking to build thriving communities of employees, partners, and customers.


Business leaders and strategists can drive immense value from social networking “inside the firewall.” Drawing on her unsurpassed experience deploying innovative social networking systems within IBM® and for customers, Maria Azua demonstrates how to establish social networking communities, and then leverage those communities to drive extraordinary levels of innovation. Azua offers specific techniques for promoting mass collaboration in the enterprise and strategies to monetize social networking to generate new business opportunities.







I think the title of this book says it all.  If hiring and retaining top talent is Asia is your mission, then Christina has written the survival guide you need.  I love books with case studies.  Love to be able to see what is actually working at companies, versus reading about how it should work in theory.

Here’s more about Surviving the War for Talent in Asia – How Innovation Can Help

  • Specific solutions for recruiting and retaining great people in North Asia, South Asia, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Seven new case studies, plus in-depth insight into IBM’s experience
  • For every CxO, director, manager, HR leader, strategist, or consultant working with or for companies in Asia

Right now, even as Western economies struggle, Asia is experiencing an unprecedented war for talent. Organizations are competing ever more aggressively to find the right people, motivate them, and retain their highest performers. There’s only one route to success in today’s Asian talent wars: innovation. In this book, one of IBM’s top Asia Pacific managers identifies powerful talent management innovations that are working in Asia right now for dozens of the region’s most forward-looking enterprises.


Last year we published Intelligent Mentoring as part of our portfolio in the business strategy portfilio of IBM Press.  Many of the book author’s decided to puruse another book and wala – hot off the press is, Agile Career Development: Lessons and Approaches from IBM.

Here’s what an early reviewer had to say:

“This book highlights tried and true best practices developed at a company known the world over for active dedication to their workforce. Mary Ann, Diana, and Sheila have captured the key issues that will enhance and streamline your career development program and, subsequently, increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity. I particularly like their practical, real-life understanding of the barriers to most career development programs and the manageable framework to bring career growth to life. They also teach us how to make a business case for career development–critical in creating the foundation for a sustainable program. This includes a good blend of benefits both for the individual employee and the organization as a whole. I only wish I had this book available to me years ago when I was managing a career development program!”

Jim Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., author of Implementing the Four Levels of Transferring Learning to Behavior




It’s been pretty busy here at IBM Press Books.  July, August and September have turned out to be very busy with a ton of books going on or coming off the press.  Understanding IBM SOA Foundation Suite just published and is filled with 26 tutorials.  Here’s what is covers:

Coverage includes


  • Designing services with UML, sharing designs via HTML files, and transforming designs to and from Java with IBM Rational Software Architect
  • Creating services with IBM Rational Application Developer, and deploying them with IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • Implementing effective service governance with IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
  • Integrating existing services into new business processes with IBM WebSphere
  • Integration Developer and IBM WebSphere Process Server
  • Connecting services with IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • Developing, testing, deploying, and managing portlets with IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory and IBM WebSphere Portal
  • Systematically securing services with IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager


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Topics include: Data Quality, Data Governance, Security, DB2, pureXML, MDM, software development and more!




It’s sure been busy at IBM Press Books…what a summer for book publishing.  Seems like every week there is a new book coming off the press.  Here’s the latest!

  DB2 pureXML Cookbook: Master the Power of the IBM Hybrid Data Server

Here’s what you will learn:

The topics are organized by typical user tasks throughout the life cycle of XML database projects, from planning, designing, and implementing databases all the way to tuning, problem determination, and application development. It includes code samples for Java, .NET, COBOL, PL/1, C, PHP, and Perl programmers. The DB2 pureXML Cookbookprovides proven recipes rather than a mere reference of ingredients.

  • Unique and comprehensive coverage of pureXML on all supported platforms: DB2 9.x for Linux, UNIX, and Windows and DB2 9 for z/OS.
  • Written for database administrators and application developers, beginners and advanced DB2 users.
  • More than 700 “recipe-style” examples of XML queries, updates, schemas, indexes, storage objects, application code, and database maintenance tasks.
  • DB2 pureXML best practices, tips, and tricks based on the author’s extensive hands-on experience in pureXML deployments.
  • Coverage of brand-new XML features that IBM intends to make available in the next release of DB2