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The authors of the IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA  Appliance Handbook are all things DataPower.  They are smart as heck and just recently recorded a series of podcasts.  Check em out.

3 separate podcasts:

What is DataPower?

Advanced DataPower Use Cases

Common DataPower Use Cases



Dynamic SOA and BPM: Best Practices for Business Process Management and SOA Agility

It’s been raining here so much in New England, and we haven’t had one hot day…..but things are really heating up at IBM Press Books.  It seems like every week a new book is rolling off the presses – SOA, DB2, Data Quality, Social Networking and more.  Here’s the latest that just hit the warehouse.

Hot off the Press – SOA and BPM
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Dynamic SOA and BPM: Best Practices for Business Process Management and SOA Agility by Marc Fiammante

Thousands of enterprises have adopted Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on its promise to help them respond more rapidly to changing business requirements by composing new solutions from existing business services. To deliver on this promise, however, companies need to integrate solid but flexible Business Process Management (BPM) plans into their SOA initiatives. Dynamic SOA and BPM offers a pragmatic, efficient approach for doing so.

Top IBM SOA architect Marc Fiammante takes you step-by-step through combining BPM and SOA, and using them together to build a more flexible, dynamic enterprise. Throughout the book, he emphasizes hands-on solutions based on his experience supporting dozens of enterprise SOA implementations.

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I just saw that Amazon dropped it’s Kindle 2 to $299.00.  ebooks are gaining in popularity and I was reading that a group is proposing to put a Kindle in every child’s backpack!  At IBM Press Books, most of our books are also available in the Kindle format.  But what alot of folks don’t realize is that the PDF is also for sale on the publisher’s site.  They are cheaper and save trees!  Just look for the green arrow to identify the ebook on the publisher’s site below.

Check em out.  (ps become a site member for free and save 30%!)

WebSphere books

Information Management



viral data in soa


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Case sensitive


Viral Data in SOA: An Enterprise Pandemic by Neal Fishman

Leading IBM information forensics expert Neal Fishman helps you identify the unique challenges of data quality in your SOA environment–and implement solutions that deliver the best results for the long term at the lowest cost. Writing for both business and technical professionals, Fishman shows how to think about data quality on a risk/reward basis…establishing an effective data governance initiative…how to evaluate data quality, and overcome its inevitable decay…and, last but not least, how to actually derive a data quality initiative that works.


Coverage Includes


• Why poor-quality data in SOA can be dangerous to an organization

• Practical solutions for assessing, improving, and sustaining trusted information

• Why data governance is so critical–and realistic models for implementing it

• Benefits of data provenance

• Why business data is a form of metadata

• Programming and database design techniques to improve data quality