I just finished reading the Green IT Report from Semantic.  It was just released in May of 2009. 

The key findings of the 2009 Worldwide Green IT Report are:

1. Green IT is now an “essential”

2. Green IT budgets are rising

3. IT is willing to pay a premium for green equipment

4. IT is at the heart of enterprise green efforts

5. Green IT initiatives are more of a priority

There’s lot of good stuff in this report. 

John Lamb’s, The Greening of IT,  is such a timely piece of work.  I particulary liked how Thomas Duff was right on the money in his review of the book.  He talks about the need to understand the Greening of IT as a way to gain new work or be part of the intitiatives taking place at your organization. 

“Having your Operations Center management or senior IT leadership read this book could mean the savings of millions of dollars every year (that should keep a few more jobs around). And if you care to study up on this yourself, you might find that you’ve been given the opportunity to be part of a project that will have an ROI measured in months rather than years. And for you consultants out there, you might want to consider this niche area that isn’t well covered for smaller businesses…

Even if you’re a head-down coder, reading The Greening of IT will open your eyes to changes that either are occurring or need to occur on a daily basis wherever you work.”

Get the book here.