Nothing thrills me like good book reviews.  Being able to put valuable content in the marketplace is our mission.  I just read the 3 recent reviews on our SOA Governance book.  I am happy as a clam.  Here’s some snippets from Amazon.

“The SOA Governance: Achieving and Sustaining business and IT agility is the the best book that I have read in the subject till now.
It explains the all what we need to build a governance framework for any organizations and provides a lot of case studies that help us understand better what we need to accomplish in order to build successful governance framework, within a six months time frame, that help our organizations to take a successful SOA initiative. It also addresses the metrics that we need to build in order to measure success.
Chapter 8 is the a complete case study that takes you from planning and assessment to implementation.
It is very practical written by the most experts in the subject.”

” This is a fairly comprehensive view on the topic of SOA Governance.

I reccommend that Architects embarking on SOA get several books on the topic to guide them on their way, of course my free ebook, “SOA Adoption for Dummies” (google it), as well as Todd Biske’s book are handy references.

It’s important to have a variety of perspectives because each case is different. The SOA Adoption community is a fairly small and tightly knit group, so you can always reach out to book authors and get their advice directly as well.

I would say this is probably the book that takes the “large scale” approach to Governance. It takes a strong human-factors approach which I appreciate greatly, and it’s well organized and thoughtful. Some of the methods described in this book might not be a fit for all organizations, but like I said, before embarking on a programmatic effort like SOA, please read several appropriate books, this being one of them.”