Over 6,000 people attended IBM’s IOD Conference in October.  I was really surprised to see how cautious people were about spending money on books.  Folks really scrutinized the books before making a purchasing decision.  To be sure, I’m sure you are all thinking, “It’s the Economy Stupid”.  However, I was speaking to a book reseller at another event and sales were booming.  I thought I had all the right titles – time to rethink the book list.

The hottest non-technical titles at the conference were:

The 4-Hour Work Week – which my co-worker swears is mind changing!

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand – always a top ten seller at an event!  One woman said – “I have 40 direct reports – boy do I need this”.  (I cracked up)

A Culture of Rapid Improvement – This book is about sustaining an engaged workforce – was surprised that it did very well at this event.

The Truth About Managing People – another book that does well.


Enterprise Master Data Management – An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information –   This book really is getting some legs.  Great stuff here.

DB2 9 for Linux, Unix and Windows – Here’s a review from Amazon:

“This book together with a free DB2 copy (DB2 Express-C) are what you need to pass the exams.

If you are not interested in the certification, this book is still for you if you need a great reference book or complete guide for DBAs.

If you are a self made DBA may be astonhised/surprised after you read the book, because of some many new details or best practices you will find.

If you are a total beginner, pick this book together with the Understanding DB2: Learning Visually with Examples and you are all set to go.”

Understanding DB2 9 – Learning Visually with Examples – 18 five star reviews on Amazon.  One of our most popular books on DB2.