November 2008

Free book chapters

Free book chapters

At the IBM Press book site, most books have a free chapter.  This is a great way to preview a book and you’re getting a whole chapter of information at no cost.  We have lots of topics on business, marketing and IBM Products – so check them out.

When you find you are interested in – simply click on the book and look to the middle of the page for “sample chapter” under the blue bar that highlights “More Information”.




itil-changeIn the spring of 2008, Larry Klosterboer wrote an article about the Ten Roles You Need for ITIL Configuration Management.  Larry had just come with his first book on ITIL, ITIL Configuration Management.  Fast forward to a year latter and Larry’s second book is about to hit the streets, Implementing ITIL Change and Release Management.

Here’s what you will learn:

Part I: Planning 1

Chapter 1: Change and Release Management: Better Together 3

Chapter 2: Discovering and Managing Requirements 13

Chapter 3: Defining Change and Release Management Processes 27

Chapter 4: Building Logical Work Flows 41

Chapter 5: Completing the Implementation Plan 51


Part II: Implementing 65

Chapter 6: Choosing the Tools 67

Chapter 7: Migrating or Consolidating Data 85

Chapter 8: Bringing the Process to Life 97

Chapter 9: Choosing and Running a Pilot 109

Chapter 10: Moving from Pilot to Production 121


Part III: Operational Issues 133

Chapter 11: The Forward Schedule of Change 135

Chapter 12: Building the Definitive Media Library 143

Chapter 13: Defining Release Packages 153

Chapter 14: Auditing and Compliance Management 163


Part IV: Reaping the Benefits 173

Chapter 15: Business Impact Analysis 175

Chapter 16: Reports and Service Levels 185

Chapter 17: Linking to Other Processes 199

Over 6,000 people attended IBM’s IOD Conference in October.  I was really surprised to see how cautious people were about spending money on books.  Folks really scrutinized the books before making a purchasing decision.  To be sure, I’m sure you are all thinking, “It’s the Economy Stupid”.  However, I was speaking to a book reseller at another event and sales were booming.  I thought I had all the right titles – time to rethink the book list.

The hottest non-technical titles at the conference were:

The 4-Hour Work Week – which my co-worker swears is mind changing!

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand – always a top ten seller at an event!  One woman said – “I have 40 direct reports – boy do I need this”.  (I cracked up)

A Culture of Rapid Improvement – This book is about sustaining an engaged workforce – was surprised that it did very well at this event.

The Truth About Managing People – another book that does well.


Enterprise Master Data Management – An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information –   This book really is getting some legs.  Great stuff here.

DB2 9 for Linux, Unix and Windows – Here’s a review from Amazon:

“This book together with a free DB2 copy (DB2 Express-C) are what you need to pass the exams.

If you are not interested in the certification, this book is still for you if you need a great reference book or complete guide for DBAs.

If you are a self made DBA may be astonhised/surprised after you read the book, because of some many new details or best practices you will find.

If you are a total beginner, pick this book together with the Understanding DB2: Learning Visually with Examples and you are all set to go.”

Understanding DB2 9 – Learning Visually with Examples – 18 five star reviews on Amazon.  One of our most popular books on DB2.