October 2008


Get 10 free chapters from some of the best selling Marketing 2.0 books – over 200 pages.  This great offer includes chapters from 3 IBM Press books.

IBM Press Book Chapters Include:

Search Engine Marketing Inc.

The New Language of Marketing

Do it Wrong Quickly – How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules


Web 2.0

Web 2.0

IBM’s Sandy Carter leads the way!



Check out the latest podcast with Sandy Carter and MarketingProf’s Roy Young.

The New Language of Marketing 2.0: How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market – Part 1 of 2 (audio)

MarketingProfs President Roy Young interviews Sandy Carter , VP of SOA & WebSphere Strategy from IBM Corporation, about her new book “The New Language of Marketing 2.0: How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market.”



The New Language of Marketing 2.0: How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market – Part 2 of 2(audio)

MarketingProfs President Roy Young continues his interview with Sandy Carter, VP of SOA & WebSphere Strategy from IBM Corporation, about her new book “The New Language of Marketing 2.0: How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market.”


Intelligent Mentoring

Intelligent Mentoring







Intelligent Mentoring: How IBM Creates Value through People, Knowledge, and Relationships is the newest book from IBM Press books.  Written by three mentoring venterans and forward thinkers on this subject, this book should be the definitive source on the topic.  Diana Bing, Sheila Forte-Trammell and Audrey Murrell show readers the value of mentoring and how to use it as competitive advantage.

Here’s what you will learn:

Chapter 1 Introducing IBM’s Mentoring Portfolio 1

Mentoring Transformations 4

IBM’s Challenge 5

IBM’s Response 9

Creating a Mentoring Portfolio 13

Contributions of Intelligent Mentoring 16

References 19

Chapter 2 Organizational Intelligence: Using Just-in-Time Mentoring Solutions 23

Overview: Revitalizing Mentoring 24

Creating a Mentoring Hybrid 26

IBM Revitalizes Mentoring 27

Linking Mentoring to Organizational Intelligence 30

Attracting and Recruiting Talent 31

Socializing of Employees 33

Accessing Knowledge and Expertise 34

Supporting Knowledge Retention 36

Sustaining a Knowledge-Resilient Culture 38

Developing a Portfolio of Experiential Learning Opportunities 40

Experiential Learning Opportunities in the Future 43

References 47

Chapter 3 Organizational Intelligence: Fostering Communities of Knowledge 51

Overview 52

Learning through Communities of Practice 53

Building Communities of Practice at IBM 55

A Mentoring Solution 57

Mentoring as Communities of Practice 58

Lessons Learned from IBM’s Mentoring Communities 63

Mentoring Across Boundaries 64

Strengthening Relational Competencies 66

Fostering Meaningful Collaboration 68

Mentoring Communities and the Future 69

Valuing Community 70

“THINK”ing at IBM 70

Who Said an Elephant Can’t Learn to Dance? 71

References 72

Chapter 4 Connecting People: Creating Meaningful Engagement 75

Moving from Isolation to Engagement 76

The Benefits of Engaged Employees 76

Challenges for Engaging a Globally Dispersed Workforce 78

Mentoring, Technology, and Connecting People 80

Creating Access to People 81

Creating Access to Information 82

Creating Access to Virtual Communities 84

Example of an IBM Best Practice: Group Speed Mentoring 86

Engaging Employees through Mentoring–Lessons Learned 90

Technology as a Tool, Not a Panacea 91

Holding Managers Accountable 91

Some Final Engaging Thoughts 92

References 93

Chapter 5 Connecting People: Mentoring as a Tool for Diversity and Inclusion 97

The Importance of Connecting Among Difference 98

The Workforce of the Future Is Here 99

Diversity as a Business Imperative 101

Enhancing Diversity: Why Mentoring Matters 103

Connecting within Diversity at IBM 105

Mentoring Based on Affinities 109

Group Mentoring via Diversity Networks 110

Asian Diversity Network Group at IBM 112

Looking Toward the Future 116

References 121

Chapter 6 Connecting People: Using Mentoring to Signal Value in People 125

The Power of Value in People 126

What Employees Expect–A Relational View 128

Employees’ Perceptions of Organizational Support 131

How Organizational Leaders Can “Signal Support” 133

Using Reverse Mentoring to Signal Support 136

Respect for the Individual 138

Support for Employee Development 139

Collaboration across Difference 140

Preventing Career Derailment: A Plan for Success 141

Reverse Mentoring: Signaling Value in People across IBM 144

Reverse Mentoring in the United States 145

Reverse Mentoring in Finland 146

Reverse Mentoring in Latin America 148

Looking Toward the Future–Multigenerational Collaboration 151

Lessons Learned–Signaling Ethics and Integrity 153

References 155

Chapter 7 Business Impact: Using Mentoring to Deliver Value for Competitive Advantage 159

Adding Value through Mentoring 160

Mentoring Solutions as High-Performance Work Practices (HPWP) 161

Enduring Skills Help to Create Competitive Advantage 165

Developing a Balanced View of “Value Added” 167

Dangle the Carrot–IBM’s Marketing Group Mentoring Award 172

Lessons Learned–Adding Value and Sustaining Business Impact 176

References 177

Chapter 8 Business Impact: Using Mentoring Solutions to Solve “Wicked Problems” 181

Mentoring as a Strategic Solution 182

Using Mentoring to Solve “Wicked Problems” 184

Global Talent Management as a “Wicked Problem” 187

Mentoring: On the Manufacturing Floor to the Technical Labs 191

Black Technical Leaders Forum (BTLF) 193

Building a Global Knowledge Community–South Africa’s Cross-Geography Mentoring Initiative 197

Lessons Learned–Sustaining Business Impact via Strategic Mentoring Solutions 203

Some Final Thoughts–The Impact of Intelligent Mentoring 205

References 207

Index 209







Marketing 2.0

Sandy Carter, Vice President, SOA & WebSphere Marketing, Strategy, and Channels at IBM has just completed her second book with IBM Press.  The advance praise for this book was outstanding.  Some of the best I have seen in our 80+ book portfolio.  Sandy’s new book, The New Language of Marketing 2.0, How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market is nearly 500 pages and contains numerous examples how forward thinking companies can benefit from Web 2.0 marketing activities.  Sandy covers it all – virtual worlds, widgets, gaming, blogs, Twitter, social communities, Wikis and much more.  Here’s the table of contents and a 35% off coupon code for ordering. Use Coupon Code IBM2491 to save 35%.

Sandy Carter’s breakthrough ANGELS approach, a step-by-step framework for success:

Analyze and ensure strong market understanding

Nail the relevant strategy and story

Go to Market Plan

Energize the channel and community

Leads and revenue

Scream!!! Don’t forget the Technology!


BONUS Content Available Online:

Additional chapters, case studies, examples, and resources are available on the book companion site, ibmpressbooks.com/angels.



A Analyze Here, There, and Everywhere


Chapter 1 Listening and Analyzing in the Global World 13


    Discovery 15

        The Traditional Methodology 17

        New Trends in Research 21

        Online Communities for Insight 21

        Blogs for Insight 23

        Online Product Reviews 25

    Segmentation 26

    Globalization 29

    Conclusion 35

Chapter 2 Segmentation in Action: The Nortel Case 37


    Focus on Nortel’s Lauren Flaherty 39

        What Is Nortel? 39

        The Customers 39

        The Product 40

        The Competition 40

    The Global-Local Agenda at Nortel 40

        Fish Where the Fish Are! 40

        Application to Your Company 42

    The Global Brand Analysis 43

        Operation Tornado 46

        Application to Your Company 48

    Nortel Lessons Learned 49

        Skills 49

        Based on Criteria Only 49

        Speed, Baby! 49

        The Outcomes 50

    Conclusion 50

Chapter 3 Globalization: Lenovo, Google, Unilever, and IBM 53


        The Global-Local Concept at Dove 54

        Success Measured 57

        Top Five Lessons Learned 58

        Application to Your Company 59

    Focus on Lenovo 60

    A Discussion of the Global-Local Concept with Wang Yong–Editor in Chief, CMO Magazine in China 62

Success Measured 64

        Top Five Lessons Learned 64

        Application to Your Company 65

    Focus on IBM 65

        IBM Lessons Learned 67

        Lessons Learned 69

        Application to Your Company 70

    Google 70

        Insights from Google 71

    Conclusion 71


N Nail the Strategy


Chapter 4 Fish Where the Fish Are and Use the Right Bait 75


    Which Fish? Role-Based Marketing 77

        How Do You Begin Your Role-Based Journey? 78

        Personalize Your Approach by Role 80

        The Outcomes of Role-Based Marketing Done Right 82

        Top Five Lessons Learned About Role-Based Marketing 82

    How Big Is the Pond? Creating a New Market and Setting an Agenda 83

        When Do You Enter a New Market? 84

        When Do You Know if There Is a Need for a New Market? 85

        Top Five Lessons Learned About New Markets 86

    The Bait: Community and Lightly Branding 87

        Top Five Lessons Learned About Community Branding and Lightly Branding 91

    The New Fishing License: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 92

        Top Five Lessons Learned About Corporate Social Responsibility 94

    Conclusion 94

Chapter 5 Relevance and Roles: Forrester Research 97


        What Is Forrester Research? 99

        The Customers 100

        The Product 100

        The Competition 100

        The Marketing Best Practice 101

    The Role-Based Agenda at Forrester 101

        The “Right” Number of Roles 102

        Application to Your Company 103

        Role-Based Products, Deliverables, and People! 105

        Application to Your Company 110

        Communication Up and Down 110

        Application to Your Company 113

    Forrester Lessons Learned 113

        Outside In, Really! 113

        Change Slower Than It Appears in Your Mirror 113

        The GB: Governance and Best Practices 114

        Is It Working? 115

    Conclusion 116

Chapter 6 Lightly Branded: EepyBird, The Coca-Cola Company, and Mentos 117

    Focus on Lightly Branding 117

    Focus on EepyBird’s Grobe and Voltz 118

        What Is EepyBird? 118

        The Customers 119

        The Product 119

        The Marketing Best Practice 119

    The Lightly Brand Agenda at The Coca-Cola Company and EepyBird 120

        It Is Entertainment–Edutainment! 122

        Application to Your Company 123

        Authentic 123

        Application to Your Company 124

        Fans and Friends 124

        Application for Your Company 125

    EepyBird Lessons Learned 126

        Artists 126

        The Model Is Changing 126

        Right-Brained, Left-Brained 127

    Conclusion 127

Chapter 7 Corporate Social Responsibility: IBM’s Project Green and Marks & Spencer 129


    Focus on Becoming a Role-Model Company 131

        Application to Your Business 131

    Evaluate Your Partners and Suppliers 133

        Application to Your Business 133

    Measurements Matter to the Business Leaders–Market the Value 133

        Application to Your Company 135

    Educate Yourself and Your Company 136

        Application to Your Business 136

    Power Up Your Brand to Be Green–When You Think Green, Think Blue! 137

        Application to Your Business 140

    Project Green Results to Date 141

    Conclusion 142

    Endnotes 142


G Go-to-Market


Chapter 8 Break Through the Noise 145

    Winning Prioritization 147

        Local Priorities 148

        Global Priorities 149

        Program Profile 149

        Focus Area Guidance 149

        Tactical Guidance 151

        Face-to-Face Education 152

        Top Five Lessons Learned for Prioritization of the

        GTM Guidance 153

    Value Proposition 154

        Top Five Lessons Learned for Value Proposition 157

    The New “Who” 158

        The Circle of Influence 158

        The New Buying Group 159

        The New Trusted Who 160

        Top Five Lessons Learned on the New “Who” 160

    Conclusion 161

    Endnotes 161

Chapter 9 Influencer Value: The IBM Case Study 163


    The Influencer Agenda at IBM 164

    The Wheel of Influence at IBM 165

        Application to Your Company 167

    The Jam: A Collaborative Platform to Leverage the Influencer’s Ideas 167

        Application to Your Company 171

    Activation of the Internal Influencers 172

        Application to Your Company 174

    IBM Lessons Learned 175

        Constantly Modify Your View of the World 175

        Food for Thought: The New Segmentation: Engagement? 175

        Think Big 176

    Conclusion 177


E Energize the Ecosystem and Market


Chapter 10 The New Vessels 181

    Focus on Social Networks: Online Communities 183

        What Is a Community? 185

        Types of Communities 185

        Top Five Lessons Learned for Communities 187

    Facebook 188

        Top Five Tips for Facebook for Marketing 191

    Social Networks with Virtual Environments 191

        Top Five Tips for Virtual Environments 194

    Focus on Participation with Viral 195

        Top Five Tips on Viral Marketing 198

    Focus on Participation with Serious Gaming 199

        Top Five Lessons Learned for Serious Gaming 202

    Focus on Sharing with Widgets and Wikis 202

    The Collaborative Web Site: Wikis 205

        Top Five Lessons Learned for Widgets and Wikis 206

    Blogging Including Twitter 208

        Top Five Ideas for Better Blogging 211

    RSS 212

        Top Five Lessons Learned for Success on RSS 213

    Podcasts 213

        Top Five Lessons Learned on Podcasting 214

    Videocasting 215

        Top Five Lessons Learned on Videocasting 216

    Putting It Together–The Marketing 2 0 Starter Set! 217

    Conclusion 219


Chapter 11 Energize the Channel with Communities: OMG, Adobe and Rubicon Consulting, and Harley-Davidson 221

    Focus on Object Management Group’s (OMG) Activity-Based Communities 222

        The OMG Community Agenda 222

        What Are the Secrets to OMG’s Success? 223

        Application to Your Company 224

    Focus on Adobe and Rubicon’s Definition-Based Community 228

        The Secrets to Rubicon and Adobe’s Success 230

        Application to Your Company 231

    Focus on Harley-Davidson’s Obsession-Based Community: H O G 231

        The Harley Community Agenda 231

        The Secrets of Harley’s Success 233

        Application to Your Company 234

    Conclusion 235

Chapter 12 Virtual Environments: The Coca-Cola Company and IBM 237

    Getting Started–An IBM Experience 239

        The Marketing Best Practices 240

        Wimbledon Tennis Event in Virtual Worlds 241

        Application to Your Company 243

        The SOA Island Focus on Education 244

        Application to Your Company 247

    Focus on The Coca-Cola Company’s Second-Life Adventures 248

    Virtual Environment Lessons Learned 252

        Application to Your Company 253

    Conclusion 254

Chapter 13 Widgets: The Use of Widgets at IBM 257

    Focus on Widgets in Marketing 257

    Focus on IBM’s Widget 258

        What Is the Smart SOA Widget? 259

        Why a Widget? 259

        Who Are the Users of the Widget? 260

        The Competition 260

        The Marketing Best Practice 261

    The Widget Agenda at IBM SOA 261

        Top Five Applications for Your Company 263

    IBM Lessons Learned 264

        What Does the Future Hold? 266

    Conclusion 266

Chapter 14 Blogs: Midwest Airlines and IBM 267

    Blogs Are Changing the Marketing Conversation 268

    Focus on Midwest’s Tish Robinson 268

        What Is Midwest Airlines? 269

        The Customers 269

        The Product 269

        The Competition 269

        The Marketing Best Practice 269

    The Blogging Agenda at Midwest Airlines 272

        Driven by Corporate Values and a Niche! 272

        Application to Your Company 273

        Get Personal! 274

        Application to Your Company 275

        Lightly Branded 275

        Application to Your Company 275

    Midwest and IBM Lessons Learned 278

        It Takes Time! 278

        Follow the Golden Rule 279

        You Can’t Fake Passion 279

        Learn the Basics 279

        It Is Beyond a U S Phenomena 280

        It Is About the Conversation 280

    Conclusion 281

Chapter 15 Serious Gaming: IBM’s Innov8 283

    Focus on Serious Gaming in Marketing 284

    Focus on IBM’s Innvo8 284

    The Games Stigma 285

        What Is Innov8? 286

        Why Innov8? 287

        Our Recipe for Serious Game Design 287

        Who Are the Customers? 289

        The Competition 289

        The Marketing Best Practice 290

    The Serious Gaming Agenda at IBM 293

        Internal Corporate Training and Collaboration 293

        Point-of-Sale Games 294

        Games That Extend Brand Reach 294

        Academic Initiative 294

        The Game in Action, Building Key Skills 295

        Don’t Forget the Buzz! 299

        Application to Your Company 300

        Growing Up Blue! 301

        Academic Initiative Next Steps 301

        Application to Your Company 302

    ROI 302

    IBM Lessons Learned 302

    Conclusion 304


L Leads and Revenue


Chapter 16 Show Me the Money: A Discussion with Google, the Marketing Leadership Council, and MarketingNPV 307

    Where Are You Going? 307

        How Do You Develop a Dashboard? 309

    Caution! 313

    What Should You Focus On? 313

        Enter the New World–Experimentation Required for a Lifetime! 319

    Lessons Learned 321

        The Wrong Metrics 323

    Conclusion 324


Chapter 17 Innovation, Engagement, and Business Results: adidas Group, ConAgra Foods, and Tellabs 325

    Focus on Innovation That Generates Revenue 326

    Collaboration for Results with adidas Group 329

        Application for Your Business 330

    Dashboards and Metrics 332

    ConAgra Foods 332

        Who Are They? 332

        What Do They Measure? 333

        Benefits They Hope to See 333

    Tellabs 333

        Who Are They? 333

        What Do They Measure? 334

    IDC’s View for the High-Tech Marketer 337

        Application to Your Company 339

    Conclusion 341

Chapter 18 Marketing Dashboards: IBM Cognos 343

    Management System and Vision 343

    A New Metric: The “In-Process” Metric 346

    Focus on IBM Cognos 347

        Best Practices at IBM Cognos 349

        Top Three Lessons Learned 354

    Conclusion 355


S Scream Through Technology


Chapter 19 Screaming World Changes 359

    Technology 360

        Online Customer Experience: Commerce and More 361

        Reach: Mobile Technology 362

        Application to Your Company 363

        Integration of User Content: Social Networking 364

        Internet 2D to 3D 366

        Agility: Driving Sustainable Advantage Across the Enterprise with a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) 368

    The Digital Citizen 371

        Top Five Ideas for the Digital Citizen 372

        Digital Citizen: Application to Your Company 375

    Timing 375

        Application to Your Company 378

    Conclusion 378

Chapter 20 Technology Matters: IBM, Staples, Dell, and MyVirtualModel 379

    Focus on Five Technology-Enabled Marketing Best Practices 380

    Online Chat–IBM 381

        The Leaders 381

        The Best Practice 381

        The Technology 382

        The Results 383

        Top Five Lessons Learned 383

    eNurturing 384

        The Leader 384

        The Best Practice 385

        The Technology 385

        The Results 386

        Top Five Lessons Learned 387

    That Was Easy! Staple’s Ease Drives Sales 387

        The Leader 388

        The Best Practice 388

        The Technology 389

        The Results 390

        Application to Your Company 390

    Dell Uses Twitter to Drive Sales 391

        The Leaders 391

        The Best Practice 392

        Top Three Lessons Learned 394

        The Technology 394

        The Results 395

        Application to Your Company 395

    Virtual Modeling 396

        The Leader 396

        The Best Practice 397

        The Technology 397

        The Results 398

        Application to Your Company 398

    Conclusion 400


Putting It All Together


Chapter 21 End-to-End Example: IBM WebSphere and the SOA Agenda, Prolifics, and Ascendant Technology 403

    The Story of the IBM WebSphere Brand from a Marketing Viewpoint 404

    1998—1999 404

        Application to Your Company 406

    2000—2002 409

        Anatomy of a “Global Scream” 410

        Role-Based Approach 411

        Application to Your Company 414

    2003—2004 414

        Application to Your Company 415

    2005—2006 415

        Agenda Setting Moment 416

        Educating the Market 416

        Partner Skills 418

    Focus on Getting Started 418

    Leveraging the New Vessels 419

        A Focus on the Loyalty Factor 424

    Bring the Power of Your Whole Company to Bear on the Market 425

        Application to Your Company 426

    2007—Today: Marketing 2 0 427

        Top Five Lessons Learned 428

    Conclusion 431

Chapter 22 The Top 10 Don’ts and the Marketing Organization of the Future 433

    #1: Don’t Forget About Office Politics 434

    #2: Don’t Take Your Eyes off Profit Generation 434

    #3: Don’t Ignore the Future 435

    #4: Don’t Forget That Marketing Is Not B2B or B2C, but P2P (People to People) 436

    #5: Don’t Miss the Web 2 0 Power 438

    #6: Don’t Forget the Value of the Influencer 439

    #7: Don’t Ignore Your Marketing Mix 441

    #8: Don’t Underestimate Change and the Prosumer 443

    #9: Don’t Disinvest in Skills and Human Capital Management 444

    #10: Don’t Neglect Organization Transformation 445

    The Marketing Function of the Future: A Framework 446

    Endnotes 449

    Index 451




To coincide with the publishing of the second edition of Search Engine Marketing, Inc., we have just posted a series of podcasts that include:

Authors Mike Moran and Bill Hunt discuss key topics in the realm of Search Engine Marketing.

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