Mike Moran and Bill Hunt continue to impress me with the value of their book content.  I just accross the first review of their second edition of their SEM book.  I loved this part of the review – it reminded me of the reviews of the book on Amazon – that discuss how much the book is used and how valuable it has become to the reader’s business.

“The second edition of “Search Engine Marketing, Inc.” doesn’t belong on a dusty old shelf. It belongs on your desk or at your work station, just like any other reference manual that you pull open time and time again.

If you pick up the book, get ready to dog-ear and highlight information that is highly pertinent to your company’s SEM initiatives. Be prepared to read and re-read the portions of the book that help you navigate through the ebbing and flowing waters of search. It doesn’t matter if you’re agency or in-house. Moran and Hunt have done it again — they’ve written a must-read guide to strategic search marketing.”

You can read P.J. Fusco’s full review here.

Finally – here’s the detail their 575+pages

Part 1: The Basics of Search Marketing 1

Chapter 1: Why Search Marketing Is Important…and Difficult 3

Chapter 2: How Search Engines Work 31

Chapter 3: How Search Marketing Works 57

Chapter 4: How Searchers Work 81

Part 2: Develop Your Search Marketing Program 101

Chapter 5: Identify Your Web Site’s Goals 103

Chapter 6: Measure Your Web Site’s Success 119

Chapter 7: Measure Your Search Marketing Success 143

Chapter 8: Define Your Search Marketing Strategy 171

Chapter 9: Sell Your Search Marketing Proposal 199

Part 3: Execute Your Search Marketing Program 227

Chapter 10: Get Your Site Indexed 229

Chapter 11: Choose Your Target Keywords 267

Chapter 12: Optimize Your Content 293

Chapter 13: Attract Links to Your Site 337

Chapter 14: Optimize Your Paid Search Program 383

Chapter 15: Make Search Marketing Operational 447

Part 4: Beyond Search Marketing 477

Chapter 16: Explore New Media and Social Media 479

Chapter 17: Optimize Your Web Site Search 505

Chapter 18: What’s Next? 533

Glossary 551

Index 583