August 2008

Mike Moran’s first book, Search Engine Marketing Inc. set the standard fo Search books.  With 34 five star reviews on Amazon, you can see how the content of the book helps to drive company sales and visability.  In addition to daily blog, tons of speaking engagements and full-time job, Mike also managed to write, Do It Wrong Quickly – How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules.  Reviews of this book were also terrific.  In a fcouple of months, the Second Edition of Search Engine Marketing Inc. hits the streets.   Mike and co-author Bill Hunt have put in a boatload of effort to update the book and have also included a DVD.  It’s great stuff.


Looking for almost 500 pages on Portlet Factory?  Then look no further than, Rapid Portlet Development with WebSphere Portlet Factory: Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own Portlets.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1        Introduction to WebSphere Portlet Factory  1

Chapter 2        Providing and Consuming Services  37

Chapter 3        Using Data from a Relational Data Source  53

Chapter 4        Using Domino Data  77

Chapter 5        Customizing Portlet Appearance  107

Chapter 6        Adding Basic User Interface Controls to Your Portlets  149

Chapter 7        Communicating Between Portlets  165

Chapter 8        Using Java in Portlets  195

Chapter 9        Using Web Services and Manipulating XML  239

Chapter 10      Using Charts in Portlets  267

Chapter 11      Field Validation, Formatting, and Translation  293

Chapter 12      Profiling Portlets 323

Chapter 13      Using Ajax and Dojo  345

Chapter 14      Error Handling, Logging, and Debugging Portlets  371

Chapter 15      Performance and Process Optimization  393

Chapter 16      More Techniques for Domino  413

Appendix A      Setting up Your Environment  439

Appendix B      Portlet Factory Properties  461

            Glossary  475

            Index  493

Joey Bernal, author of,  Programming Portlets: From JSR 168 to IBM WebSphere Portal Extensions, has completed a new book – Application Architecture for WebSphere: A Practical Approach to Building WebSphere Applications

Joey’s new book –


         Provides simple, recommendations for designing and adhering to a layered architecture approach for WebSphere applications

  • Includes hands-on architects with decisions guidance and examples which can be used in defining their own architecture