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If you are looking to discover how easy it is to visually build applications that run as JavaServer Faces Web applications, Java applets, or Java applications, then you will want to check out: Building Applications with IBM Rational Application Developer and JavaBeans, Second Edition

• Quickly become comfortable using Rational Application Developer features such as visual editors, the debugger, and test facilities
   • Learn to build advanced application features, such as adding Ajax behavior to JavaServer Faces Web applications to make Web pages more interactive and usable, working with relational databases, and using XML data in Java applications
Here’s more about what you will find in the book:


Chapter 1: Creating your first JavaServer Faces Web application
   Chapter 2: Using Web diagrams
   Chapter 3: Using custom converters and validators
   Chapter 4: Working with databases
   Chapter 5: Using Relational Record components
   Chapter 6: Using panel components
   Chapter 7: Using Ajax with Faces Web pages
   Chapter 8: Creating your fi rst applet
   Chapter 9: Creating your fi rst application
   Chapter 10: Creating a file-manipulation subcomponent
   Chapter 11: Using layout managers
   Chapter 12: Using Swing components
   Chapter 13: When something goes wrong: Debugging
   Chapter 14: Using DB beans for database access
   Chapter 15: Working with XML data
   Appendix: Java basics