I just returned from managing a bookstore at a conference.  With over 150 technical and business books available – the three most popular books were:

Three Signs of a Miserable Job

Work life Balancing

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand

In fact many people bought what I consider to be the “Misery Bundle” – all three of the books together.  I think many of us could use a few chapters of each.  These books played heavily on my mind all week.  Am I balanced?  Am I happy at my job?  How can I not let the turkeys get me down?  On the last day of the conference I attended a genral session presentation given by a 44 year industry veteran.  He is wildly successful.  He ended his speech with a story that concluded with words of wisdom from his dad – “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes”.  Well – this was certainly an “AH HA” moment for me.  Nothing changes if nothing changes, nothing changes if nothing changes, nothing changes if nothing changes……  This has been a flashing neon sign in my head for two days.  I want to tattoo on my body, write it in lipstick on my bathroom mirror, make it my password.  There are many gurus, smart people, authors  – out there who talk about shaping your destiny, empowering yourself to create change.  However, never before had I heard it so simply put. 

For me – it negated any need to read the books.  It all starts within and changing what needs change.

Enjoy the weekend.