Programming PortletsPortal primerI have completed the booklist for the conference bookstore we will be running at IBM Impact. It’s gonna be huge – 6000 attendees focused on WebSphere and SOA.  In addition to the IBM Press Books on WebSphere and SOA – I will have also bring in a large supply of Portal books.  Here’s two:

 Programming Portlets: From JSR 168 to IBM WebSphere Portal Extensions

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Portlet and Portal Paradigm
   Chapter 2 Writing your first Portlet
   Chapter 3 Java Portlet API Fundamentals
   Chapter 4. Java Portlet API Code Patterns and Best Practices
   Chapter 5. Languages and Markups
   Chapter 6. Using Java Server Faces in your Portlets
   Part 2
   Chapter 7. Introduction to SOA
   Chapter 8. Intro to the Portlet Factory
   Chapter 9. Advanced Factory Concepts and Dashboards
   Chapter 10. Interportlet Communication
   Chapter 11. Security and the Credential Vault
   Chapter 12. Workplace Forms
   Chapter 13. Workplace Forms Advanced
   Chapter 14. Using Ajax with Portlets
   Appendix A. Looking toward JSR 286
   Appendix B. Additional Resources


 IBM WebSphere Portal Primer, Second Edition

      Chapter 1: Enter the Portal
   Chapter 2: A Portal Blueprint
   Chapter 3: Installing the Portal
   Chapter 4: Customizing the Portal
   Chapter 5: Personalizing the Portal
   Chapter 6: Portal Building Blocks
   Chapter 7: Portal Gatekeeper
   Chapter 8: Portal and Beyond
   Chapter 9: Portal Content and Collaboration
   Chapter 10: Portal Crossings
   Appendix A: Installation Planning Worksheet
   Appendix B: References and Portal-Related Web Sites