ShelfariAt IBM Press books we are looking to add book reviews to our site.  I don’t expect tons of reviews.  The vast majority of IBM Press books rank 4-5 on  However, there are not alot of reviews on b&  I was on a call yesterday stating that exact fact.  And then today I discovered Shelfari.  Who knew!  It allows visitors to read opinions on books, create their bookshelf and purchase books.

Check this out.  The book, A Thousand Spendid Suns, has over 1,000 comments, is in 90 book groups and almost 15,000 members have it on their Shelfari bookshelf.  Those numbers impressed me!  I like the ability to create groups and join a group that is interested in the same topic.  I searched on a popular IBM Press book, The New Language of Business – SOA and Web 2.0 – and there it was – on 30 shelves in Shefari.

The only thing that didn’t suprise me about Shelfari is that Amazon made and investment in the company in 2007!