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I am in the middle of moving.  I can’t think of anything worse than packing the contents of your house.  I think I am horder!  What a load of stuff I have collected over the years – tucked in closets and drawers.  And does anyone really need 14 white turtlenecks!  Anyway – I was taking a break and reading some reviews of our IBM Press Books.  Here’s one on Amazon that made me smile.  It turned out to be a nice break from the action.

 “I have spent the last few days in reading the contents of this book and I must say that this book is of a rare kind and the author has done an excellent and an amazing job in explaining the entire implementation cycle of Rational Unified Process which no other authors have done in the past. In this book Joshua has really applied his experience and skills of several years and has clearly demonstrated typical real life scenarios of an RUP implementation through statistical figures and analysis.

“In my opinion, this book will definitely serve as a good reference guide to organizations who would like to use the Rational Unified Process as an SDLC methodology but are completely oblivious on how to implement it. I would highly recommend this book as an excellent resource to RUP Practitioners, Software Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and aspiring RUP mentors.”

So – here’s the details on the book:

Implementing the IBM Rational Unified Process and Solutions: A Guide to Improving Your Software Development Capability and Maturity

This book delivers all the knowledge and insight you need to succeed with the IBM Rational Unified Process and Solutions. Joshua Barnes presents a start-to-finish, best-practice roadmap to the complete implementation cycle of IBM RUP–from projecting ROI and making the business case through piloting, implementation, mentoring, and beyond.


Drawing on his extensive experience leading large-scale IBM RUP implementations and working with some of the industry’s most recognized thought leaders in the Software Engineering Process world, Barnes brings together comprehensive “lessons learned” from both successful and failed projects. You’ll learn from real-world case studies, including actual project artifacts.


Whether you’re an executive, software professional, or consultant, this book will help you continuously improve the maturity of your development processes–and reap the benefits: better quality, faster delivery, and more business value.


After reading this book you will be able to


·        Get past the myths of software process improvement to focus on what’s truly practical

·        Identify and evaluate your best candidate process solutions

·        Objectively project the ROI achievable with IBM R UP and IBM Rational solutions

·        Develop funding models, business cases, and executive support

·        Recruit, staff, organize, and motivate your implementation team

·        Plan for effective integration, process alignment, and change management

·        Choose the right pilots, learn the right lessons, and develop effective adoption models

·        Move quickly to successful program-level implementation

·        Set maturity level goals for process and tool utilization

·        Map “End States” for both quantity and quality

·        Plan for training and mentoring–and understand the distinct role of each

·        Keep the momentum going after your implementation is complete


Link to http://www.upmentors.com, where you can download actual sample implementation documents–not just templates!