free.jpgChris Anderson, author of The Long Tail, has been blogging about his new book which will explore the concept of “Free”.  Yep. The radical price of zero. 

I used to pay a monthly fee to read Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times.  Not any more as the Times no longer charges a subscription fee. is free.  For me, it has 100% replaced my need to buy a travel book.  For every vacation I was planning I would stock up on multiple books on a particular destination and dog ear pages with my yellow highlighter in hand.  I have not bought a travel book in five years.

At IBM, we have been giving away Redbooks for decades.   You cannot imagine how much time an effort goes into producing these.  And they are all free.  Thousands of them.

At IBM Press, we charge for books.  But the majority of our books offer a free chapter.  So there’s “something for nothing”!

To download a free chapter, simply find a book you are interested in and in the middle of page you will see a section called “More Information”.  In this section you will find the book’s sample chapter.

Click here for available books.