Internet Marketing 

It’s great when a book comes out and is perfectly timed.  “Do it Wrong Quickly – How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules” is one of those books. 

Do it Wrong Quickly is on a roll.  The Miami Hearald name it one of its business books of the year for 2007.  It has also  been named a book of the week.  Mike Moran is one of the best selling authors for IBM Press and I could give you a hundred reasons why.  But I thought I would let some of five star reviews on do the talking for me today.

  •  “I absolutely love Mike Moran’s take on Internet marketing. Do It Wrong Quickly is not about how to do Internet marketing wrong, it’s about how to not get caught up in having to do it right so that you’ll do something now.”
  • “Well worth the time and money. I can’t imagine you could read this book and not do a few things better, smarter and more profitably.”
  •  “I think so highly of “Do It Wrong Quickly” that I bought a bunch of the books to give to clients and friends in the business.”

Mike is a doer at IBM, a great speaker and teacher, blogger and lucky for us – a great author.