podcast.jpgIn 2007 we introduced a series of author podcasts into the marketing of IBM Press books.  We are starting to see momentum in the amount of times they are accessed.  If you are a book author and have not recorded a podcast, I strongly urge you to consider doing so.  Podcasts provide great content for FREE and can be used to increase book sales.

Here’s some tips:

  • When you are thinking about who will interview you – aim high.  Look for well known names connected to your book topic.  Chances are they will promote the podcast too and this gives you much greater exposure.
  • Develop a tight, well thought out script.  And then read it.  Outloud.  I cannot stress enough how much reading it outloud will help you refine and add to the quality of your responses.  However, don’t read from the script.  Use the script as your talking points.  You want your podcast to sound like a conversation.
  • If your podcast is going to be long – consider breaking it up into sections. 

If you want some additional information on book proposals and submitting a proposal to IBM Press check out the IBM Press podcast.

Here you will find podcasts from two of our popular book authors:

Mike Moran – Do it Wrong Quickly – How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules

Mining the Talk – Unlocking the Business Value of Unstructured Information with Scott Spangler