I’m new here and I have lots of opinions about book publishing.   I thought I would start with some shameless self promotion of books we have recently published at IBM Press.  We ended up publishing a huge amount at the end of the year.  It puts a burden on all of us to get these many books out the door.  Plus it’s a tough time of year – getting seven books out in December.  But what the heck – the more pain…the more….(hmmm)

I am going to give you  coupon codes that you can use at checkout!  They are good for 35% off all books.

Here’s the list of books:

Implementing ITIL Configuration Management by Larry Klosterboer 

A practical, start-to-finish guide to ITIL configuration management for every IT leader, manager, and practitioner. ITIL-certified architect and solutions provider Larry Klosterboer helps you establish a clear roadmap for success, customize standard processes to your unique needs, and avoid the pitfalls that stand in your way. You’ll learn how to plan your implementation, deploy tools and processes, administer ongoing configuration management tasks, refine ITIL information, and leverage it for competitive advantage. Throughout, Klosterboer demystifies ITIL’s jargon, illuminates each technique with real-world advice and examples, and helps you focus on the specific techniques that offer maximum business value in your environment. 

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 A Practical Guide to Trusted Computing by David Challener, Kent Yoder, Ryan Catherman, David Safford, Leendert Van Doorn 

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) makes secure hardware possible by providing a complete, open industry standard for implementing trusted computing hardware subsystems in PCs. Now, there’s a start-to-finish guide for every software professional and security specialist who wants to utilize this breakthrough security technology. Authored by innovators who helped create TPM and implement its leading-edge products, this practical book covers all facets of TPM technology: what it can achieve, how it works, and how to write applications for it. The authors offer deep, real-world insights into both TPM and the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Software Stack. Then, to demonstrate how TPM can solve many of today’s most challenging security problems, they present four start-to-finish case studies, each with extensive C-based code examples.  

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Mainframe Basics for Security Professionals by Ori Pomerantz, Barbara Vander Weele, Mark Nelson, Tim Hahn 

If you’re coming to the IBM System z mainframe platform from UNIX, Linux, or Windows, you need practical guidance on leveraging its unique security capabilities. Now, IBM experts have written the first authoritative book on mainframe security specifically designed to build on your experience in other environments. Even if you’ve never logged onto a mainframe before, this book will teach you how to run today’s z/OS operating system command line and ISPF toolset and use them to efficiently perform every significant security administration task. The authors illuminate the mainframe’s security model and call special attention to z/OS security techniques that differ from UNIX, Linux, and Windows. They thoroughly introduce IBM’s powerful Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) security subsystem and demonstrate how mainframe security integrates into your enterprise-wide IT security infrastructure. If you’re an experienced system administrator or security professional, there’s no faster way to extend your expertise into “big iron” environments.

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Understanding DB2, Second Edition By Raul F. Chong, Xiaomei Wang, Michael Dang, Dwaine R. Snow.

IBM DB2 9 and DB2 9.5 provide breakthrough capabilities for providing Information on Demand, implementing Web services and Service Oriented Architecture, and streamlining information management. Understanding DB2: Learning Visually with Examples, Second Edition, is the easiest way to master the latest versions of DB2 and apply their full power to your business challenges.Written by four IBM DB2 experts, this book introduces key concepts with dozens of examples drawn from the authors’ experience working with DB2 in enterprise environments. Thoroughly updated for DB2 9.5, it covers new innovations ranging from manageability to performance and XML support to API integration. Each concept is presented with easy-to-understand screenshots, diagrams, charts, and tables. This book is for everyone who works with DB2: database administrators, system administrators, developers, and consultants. With hundreds of well-designed review questions and answers, it will also help professionals prepare for the IBM DB2 Certification Exams 730, 731, or 736.

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WebSphere Business Integration Primer By Ashok Iyengar, Vinod Jessani, Michele Chilanti 

WebSphere Business Integration Primer is an introductory guide to creating standards-based process and data integration solutions with WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) technology. The authors thoroughly explain Service Component Architecture, basic business processes, and complex long-running business flows, and guides you to choose the right process integration architecture for your requirements. Next, it introduces the key components of a WBI solution and shows how to make them work together rapidly and efficiently. This book will help developers, technical professionals, or managers understand today’s key business integration (BI) issues and technologies, and streamline business processes by combining BI with Service Oriented Architecture. 

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Requirements Management Using IBM Rational RequisitePro By Peter Zielczynski 

Utilizing a start-to-finish sample project, requirements expert Peter Zielczynski introduces an organized, best-practice approach to managing requirements and shows how to implement every step with RequisitePro. You’ll walk through planning, eliciting, and clarifying stakeholder requirements; building use cases and other key project documents; managing changing requirements; transforming requirements into designs; and much more. Every stage of the process is illuminated with examples, realistic artifacts, and practical solutions. This book is an invaluable resource for everyone who creates requirements, and everyone who relies on them: business analysts, systems analysts, project managers, architects, designers, developers, and testers alike. 

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IBM Rational Unified Process Reference and Certification Guide By Ahmad K. Shuja, Jochen Krebs 

The IBM® Rational Unified Process has become the de facto industry-standard process for large-scale enterprise software development. The IBM Certified Solution Designer – IBM Rational Unified Process V7.0 certification provides a powerful way for solutions developers to demonstrate their proficiency with RUP.  The first and only official RUP certification guide, this book fully reflects the latest versions of the Rational Unified Process and of the IBM RUP exam. Authored by two leading RUP implementers, it draws on extensive contributions and careful reviews by the IBM RUP process leader and RUP certification manager. This book covers every facet of RUP usage. It has been carefully organized to help you prepare for your exam quickly and efficiently – and to provide a handy, compact reference you can rely on for years to come.  

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