I was reading a blog about publishing trends for 2008.

One of the most spot on predictions is that 2008 will be the year of the experiment.  One of our authors – Mike Moran,  recently published, Do it Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules(Great book – great reviews)  Mike argues that the Internet challenges marketing folks to experiement, learn and refine.  You can quickly make adjustments in today’s world of marketing.

So, back to the blogger.  Here’s his prediction:

In addition to being the Year of the Author, 2008 will be the Year of the Experiment.

Initiatives like the widgets used by HarperCollins and Random House, the video trailers produced by Simon & Schuster, the publishing to cell phones being enabled by Mobifusion and tried by several publishers, and Macmillan’s call to employees for ideas for the company to bankroll show a growing awareness that publishing companies need to create a culture of experimentation. What’s an experiment? We’ll define it as a commercial effort undertaken without any real conviction as to how it will work out, and with the expectation that learning from failure is a more likely benefit than success.

 At IBM Press we experimented last year with a viral game to promote Mike Moran’s book.  We tapped into IBM’s widget.  We put IBM Press book spinner racks in Second Life.  I am all for more experiments in 2008.  You just never know where your next customer is.  I know that we need to find them – and be there when they are looking.

Check out Mike Moran’s book.